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Where Can I Buy A Waist Trainer 3
      Where Can I Buy A Waist Trainer
The waist cincher is an undergarment that has gone in and out of fashion over the years. Well, it is back in style a bit because it can redefine the look of your midsection. You just have to understand what it does, how it does it and what it does not.

A waist cincher is a device that essentially squeezes and moves the weight in your midsection around. lt is often worn under clothes to create a sleeker look or more of an hourglass profile for a lady. Through the years, cinchers have been made from whale bone to more modern plastics and fibers. Ah, the lengths we will go to for a nice body shape!

So, how do these waist trainer actually work? In history, the cincher was placed around the midsection and then drawn tightly using straps off of the cincher. The idea was to cinch the waist down to a hand span to give the woman a regal look. The problem, of course, was this tended to be very uncomfortable. It was even spoofed in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie when Keira Knightley was cinched into a new dress to the point that she could barely breathe. She eventually collapsed, falling off a high wall into the ocean where Johnny Depp's character saved her.

Waist cinchers come in different styles, colors and levels of control from light to extra firm and are made of a combination of cotton, lucre, nylon or latex. Some sexy waist cinchers serve a more decorative purpose such as part of a lingerie set. Many lace up waist cinchers and leather waist cinchers fall in this category.

The squeem rubber high back waist cincher which was created by a Latin American company, is classified as a firm control shapewear. It has a rubber exterior but with a cotton layer inside that offers effective body compression while being comfortable to the skin. The Squeem waist cincher is made to take away inches from your waist and tummy, and it is not just an instant effect - it's a permanent effect since the rubber content of this shape-wear helps your body release sweat while massaging certain body areas with regular use.

The Squeem rubber high back waist cincher has boning at the front to prevent the garment from rolling up and also to help straighten your posture. Completing the vest-like waist cincher are the adjustable shoulder straps.

The Downside? For one thing, this model of the Squeem waist cincher has fairly thick shoulder straps. Wearing this with a spaghetti-strapped tank top is, of course, not an option. Or wearing it under a bateau neckline, unless of course you want it to be seen.

If you're pretty petite in stature, you might find this waist cincher to be a bit long, causing some discomfort when sitting down as the edges of the boning rest on your thighs. And when wearing it for the first time, you might need a little help in closing the hooks.

The Upside; Once you wear the Squeem waist cincher, you will instantly see some results. Due to its firm compression, this item tucks away the flabs from your tummy and waistline. The Squeem rubber high back waist cincher also distributes the fat in your body; in effect, you can get an instant lift in the breast and at the butt.

Unlike some girdles, this waist cincher causes you to perspire and thus helping you get some fluids and body fats out of your system. By using the Squeem for a recommended time of 8 to 10 hours a day, you will definitely see some results. Even new moms who had just given birth and want to regain their old figure can wear this shape-wear, as long as the doctor would allow it.

This Squeem shape-wear is made seamless, so it doesnt show through much of your clothes. The front hook and eye closure helps you wear the waist cincher without much difficulty of straining your arm muscles. And because it feels a bit stiff with its boning and rubber material, the waist cincher helps you stand and sit up straight while supporting your back. The cotton inside, on the other hand, adds to the feeling of comfort. Lt also helps absorb the sweat you get from constantly wearing it during the day. Note that while the garment may seem stiff, you can still breathe in it because of its stretchy material.

The Verdict? The Squeem waist cincher can be considered one of the best products that effectively delivers results. In an instant, its firm yet comfortable compression already gives a slimming effect, thereby making you look toned and sexy. With regular use, you can slowly see your waistline trimming down. Just be ready to spend for another Squeem waist cincher that comes in a smaller size because for sure you will need it after a while if you want to maintain that figure.

There are several benefits of wearing a waist cincher, they include:

1. It will give you a small waist

A slim waist is what every modern lady yearns for since it is what is considered perfect and this is exactly what a waist cincher will give you. The bodice are lined with plastic or metal strips also referred to as boning to offer the required support around the waist. The boning is what packs the body into a desired shape thus giving the small waist effect to make you look stunning in your clad.

2.lmproved posture

The boning on the bodice is strong to keep your posture right. These devices in reality and up confining your development to a certain extent, hence improving your posture.

3. Considerable back support

Back support is crucial, especially when you are strolling or working out. If you have a waist cincher, you can use it as a belt that offers you the back support that you need. When you wear it during workouts it does not only provide back support, but also, minimize chances of injuries and pains. Additionally, it can help in making your muscles firm and burning fats- this helps you lose weight.
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